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Ylearn gives teachers a way to give secure assignments online - all within minutes.


Create different types of questions for your students.

Ylearn makes test construction faster because I do not have to bother with so much formatting, alignment, etc... Also, the grading is way faster, so immediate feedback to the students with the results is given sooner.
- RR, Science teacher
Multiple question types
Teachers can pick from a variety of question types like fill-in, multiple choice, multiple answer questions, table questions and more.
Advanced media and equations
Media types like images, GIFs, audio and videos are supported. Teachers can also use LaTeX for mathematical symbols & equations.
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Give flexible assignments that works on all kinds of devices.

Ylearn has been a valuable tool for assessments given the difficulty the online situation poses for teachers to conduct credible (valid and reliable) assessments when observing from "a distance".
- GC, Business Studies & Economics teacher
Flexible assignment options
Teachers can assign to Ylearn classes, Google Classroom, or through link, while setting the start time, due time and duration of every assignment.
Works on any device
Students are able to work on Ylearn assignments from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) that supports modern browsers.
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Monitor students real-time and analyze results effectively.

I feel Ylearn is such a great tool. I love the fact that it is clean, simple and efficient. I also really appreciate that Ylearn team pays attention and responds to constructive feedback.
- D, Mathematics teacher
Real-time student monitoring
Teachers can see the live progress of every student's assignments and be notified if anyone is not focused on his work.
In-depth analysis
Summarized reports and analysis are available at the end of each assignment. Teachers will be able to know their students' strengths and weaknesses better.
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